Across the EverSky

The story so far...
A summary recap of 20-some sessions of the EverSky campaign

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 7th Day

  • Jaqa'ar, Camden, Kovakuu, and Rock first met in a tavern at Evenhold, to which they had been summoned by Atlas Xillia Caelum in order to meet another of his agents, Negahwe, who was to serve as our guide on our fist mission together.
  • Negahwe led us through the Van Torrom'Na forest to the "Mouth of the" Van Torrom'Na, in search of the whereabouts of another group of adventurers commissioned by Atlas.
  • Meanwhile, the Goliath "Asmund, The Shield, Thunderclap" was following his mentor, Radiant Servent of Pelor Sunathear, to Evenhold from the monestary on Jakoja Peak. At the church of Pelor, Sunathear had a meeting and suddenly stormed out. Leaving behind his cloak and bracers. At the same time Sunathear received a note from "Atlas" to find "Camden" at the "Mouth of the Van Torrom'Na". After a brief conversation with Sunathear, Asmund asks for the young lad "Cran'ber" to guide him.
  • At the edge of the Von Torrom'Na, Cran'ber points Asmund in the right direction and takes off. Asmund rides into the mouth of hell, I mean the "Mouth of the Van Torram'Na" only to be stopped by a mysterious entity called Negahwe. After a brief exchange, Amsund exchanges the bracers and cloak of Sunathear for safe passage to join the group that was currently…. engaged with their quest.
  • Asmund comes upon the group in a hole, and offers to assist them to get out. Once he confirmed they were the right group, they join together to find the missing adventurers that had previously entered.
  • We eventually found two of them, in bad shape, within a "vegetative cavern" of sorts. After tending to them, we probed further, only to find the remaining two locked in the grasp of the dryad tViskona, who, wrapped up in the looming threat posed by a growing army of gnolls at the northern edge of the forest, was quite suspicious of intruders such as us.
  • We were, nonetheless, able to negotiate with tViskona such that she would keep one adventurer, Dantic Tirceph, as a prisoner and collateral, to be reclaimed upon fulfilling our promise to her: that we would deal with this threat, in service and protection to the forest, by bringing her the head of the Gnoll Overlord, Reknah.
  • Having completed our assignment, we returned to Evenhold to recover, regroup, and discuss our next course of action.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 8th Day

  • We decided to make our way to Guilded Bough to rendezvous with Atlas to collect our payment, to learn what information he might have regarding the tViskona and the gnoll threat, and to see if he had any new jobs for us.
  • En route to Guilded Bough, we came upon what appeared to be a wagon that had been waylaid by bandits. Upon further investigation (and intervention), we dispatched of most of the "bandits" (whom we later learned were actually guards from Guilded Bough; Kalyn, Crigs, Staff, Benjamin, Lonel, and Andren) and saved a young woman, Fiana. One of the assailants escaped, and the young despondent woman turned out to be a mother with a small child, Lyssa, whose husband, Vailen, had been dragged off into the forest by two other bandits.
  • CAMDEN ran into the forest to find him, only to discover that he, and all the guards that had taken him, had been brutally sacrificed. Worse, CAMDEN realized that now he was in danger. As he ran, pursued by some unknown threat, he quickly scrambled up a tree, from which he was able to see the terrifying creature that we later learned is called the Wendigo.
  • Taking the young mother and her child with us, we proceeded to Gilded Bough and brought her to the clerics and clergy at the local Church of Far'leanen. We discussed the happening there and confirmed that the assailants seem to have been members of the town guard. Also learned that the ruler of the town was Lord Alden, but didn't learn much else about him.
  • Leaving the young woman at the church, we proceeded to the local inn, Branken's Hollow, where we were to meet Atlas. Naturally, we encountered the town's namesake, a massive and beautiful tree at the heart of the village, seemingly sheathed—trunk, limb, and leaf—in a layer of gold. Kovakuu and Camden sought to commune with the magnificent organism on various occasions by touching it affectionately; they each had very different experiences by so doing.
  • Atlas paid us dutifully, and requested further our aid in yet another job. This one would take us to a place known as the Esch Byutka'na in search of a very significant artifact or object. Though Atlas was unwilling to specify exactly what we'd be looking for, he adamantly stated that "we would know it when we saw it." Furthermore, our mission was not necessarily to acquire this object, but rather to make certain that others who were in pursuit of its discovery neither discover nor acquire it. These others, we learned, were a group of snake-people called the Yuan-ti.
  • Atlas then divulges that he is losing his memory in his old age and is fostering adventures to take up his mantle. In this he indicates that he shares a kindred spirit with Asmund in the loss of ones memories and past. He also informs Asmund that the letter he received to find Camden was a forgery, and is going to look into it further. He also had no interest in helping Dantic, and wished the group take on his next task first. He told the group to sleep on it and give him their answer in the morning.
  • Everyone decided to the retire for the evening…..except Camden and Rock. 
  • Camden decided he needed to "come clean" and tell Fiana that her husband "may still be alive". This obviously upsets her as we just abandoned her possibly still alive husband. The clerics rush to calm her and usher Camden out.
  • Rock rushes back to Evenhold to check on the other adventuring party, minus Dantic.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 9th Day

  • Asmund is first up, prays and then heads over to check on Fiana, where he learns what Camden had said to her. Asmund  then heads back to the inn for breakfast. When Camden gets up, he socks him for good measure for upsetting the woman, then sits down with the group for some good breakfast stew.
  • After breakfast the group travels to the hill outside of Guilded Bough to meet with Atlas on the hill, there the group agrees to take on Atlas' next mission (except Rock, who was in Evenhold). The group then decides to try and wait for Rock to get back, if he returned at all. So though we ultimately agreed to take on this mission, our business in Gilded Bough had not quite yet concluded…
  • After a day of shopping (and waiting) the group, with Negahwe again as our guide, set up camp at the edge of the Van Torrom'na to wait as long as possible for Rock.
  • Later in the day we decide to make our way to the edge of the great Van Torrom'na forest first and enter its darkness on the following morn, we made camp for the evening. Our plans were interrupted, however, by a commotion in town, and shortly after, the arrival of a priest of Far'leanen, bringing news that something terrible had happened and that the young woman, Fiana, had killed her baby, Lyssa. The other party members made haste to return to town, save Asmund, who stayed at the camp.
  • When we arrived, we learned that the young mother whom we had saved had, for unknown reasons, murdered her child. We were not allowed to speak to her, and were unable to learn anything more regarding this mystery; however, while this was unfolding, Asmund, alone at camp, was witness to the horrifying visage of a large frog-like creature seemingly coated in a black, slimy substance. More horrifying still: he watched as this creature appeared to attempt to consume a baby. Asmund launched forward to try and save the child, and the creature mysteriously disappeared. Asmund hold the baby in his arms where it then fades away. It should here be noted that, upon hearing the story from Asmund, Kovakuu surmised that we should perhaps refer to the consumed "child" as Ghostbaby henceforth.
  • The party, getting a bad feeling about leaving Asmund, rush back to camp and into the forest. They then "save" Asmund and then Asmund proceeds to head straight back into town for answers.
  • Finding no answers and only more questions, they give up surmising something is amiss with Gilded Bough and return back to camp, where they find Negahwe and Rock waiting for them. We decide to sleep for a bit and then head out early in the morning towards the Esch Byutka'na.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 10th Day

  • Very early in the morning, we proceeded into the forest to continue our journey to the Esch Byutka'na. There were a few skirmishes along the route we chose, which ultimately led us upwards as we climbed among the leaves 
  • Walk all day, ran into "teleport dogs" and goblins, but dispatched them quickly.
  • Took a short rest at noon, then headed on the shorter "more dangerous" route to save some time.
  • Ran into more goblins and water tentacles and found that the water "re-animated" the dead goblins…weird.
  • We then took the upper "vine pathways" to try and save more time and encountered "vine monsters" and a bug bear. The bug bear ran off to "die" and the group then proceeded forward.
  • Kovakuu started acting very dark and different, then fell off the vines. As Rock reached out to save him, they both went over the vines and plunged toward the forest below. 
  • Negahwe then jumped down to save them, and told us to proceed forward as we were almost there.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 11th Day

  • It was just after midnight and Camden, Jaqa'ar, and Asmund continued to trek on up the vines. Eventually coming across two "teleport dogs" and two goblins.
  • After quickly dispatching them, the trio were then beset upon by a Green Dragon. Asmund abandoned his rope and tried throwing a fallen teleport dog at the dragon to distract it. Asmund is unfortunately side swiped, but is then "saved" by a mysterious man. Getting back up, the three amigos leap down a "vine slide", possibly to their doom…
  • The slide down a ways, fighting goblins and narrowly avoiding death. The group then gets to the end of the "slide" where they have to fight a "BIG" bug bear. The group does defeat it with the help of the mysterious "druid". Where they then gaze upon the Esch Byutka'na just ahead.
  • We then learn that the druid is "Viln'holn" and is a Guardian of the Van Torrom'Na.
  • Kovakuu and Rock make their way out of the forest, but Negahwe got "stoned" by a Locka'treese
  • Groups rests and talks to Viln'holn, learn that the frog creature was a "Slaad" and the aberration that Camden as was a "Wendigo" and that Camden is now a "marked man" and is "good as dead" in the forest (but he has friends to protect him).
  • Group then sleeps till ~10 AM before proceeding forward.
  • Arriving at the Esch Byutka'na, we encounter two yuan-ti, and everyone (except Asmund) decides to kill them off, Asmund is not happy about this. The two alert the others inside, so the group moves quickly.
  • Encountering some resistance, and Jaqa'ar disguising himself as one of them. They make their way in deeper, where they encounter the groups leader Bala'neq 'The Mind Whisperer".
  • Rock then risks life and limb to convince Bala'neq to give up the artifact. (Which just happens to be a bad ass AIR SHIP!) Bala'neq agrees, but asks that the group come to his homeland to help his people.
  • We then explore the airship and decide it isn't safe to leave here. So we attempt to fly it back to Gilded Bough. After flying it there and landing "safely" outside of town, we make our way back where Atlas tells us more of his history…(see Atlas).
  • Group decides to call it a day and heads to bed…

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 12th Day

  • Mid-day – We wake up early to take the ship to Evenhold, land in the water and dock for 3 days (must depart by the 15th).
  • We decide to become "Crew" of what Jaqa'ar helped coin the ship called the "SkySpear". This seemed suitable to the group.
  • On the way to find a inn the group encounters the "Dragon Feign Moon Festival". Where some hot babes are all up on Asmund, but Asmund is sleepy and needs a bath. So he introduces them to his friends and departs for the "Last Call Pub & Inn". Camden, Kovakuu, and Jaqa'ar decide to stay and party while Rock heads back to his office.
  • Kovakuu is culted, Rock is assaulted, Jaqa'ar is consulted, and Camden is….. Camden and also rejected.
  • Asmund takes a bath, then meets up with Camden and decided to get him drunk, which then gets him possibly hooked up with a prostitute. She may not have been, but she took his money, so pretty much.
  • All in all, a pretty solid day.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 13th Day

  • We rest, enjoy Camden's tales, then go shopping with the plan to meet up for dinner.
  • At Dinner, Rock indicates that gnoll's have infiltrated the city, and that he has a tip to check out the Metalworks.
  • Rock's buddy "Lars" then shows up and leads us all to a ambush, which we dispatch of right away.
  • We then infiltrate the facility and fight off more gnoll's, then find the headmaster slain from what appears to be a poisoned blade. The factory workers figure out something is amiss, so we escape on the roof. Asmund is immediately transported away from some type of "scar magic".
  • Everyone, except Asmund head back towards the inn (it's late at night), and run across a screaming mother who's children had been stolen. They then almost murder a helpful dog and attack the Gnoll's. During the gnoll battle Asmund re-appears. 
  • The group then clears out the gnoll hideout, almost dying a lot, and save the children.
  • The mother is very ecstatic and asks for the group to come back in the morning.
  • Exhausted, everyone retires for the evening.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 14th Day

  • After getting up for breakfast, Asmund recounts what happened to him to the group.
  • Everyone then decides to check in on the mother, who immediately takes them to her mistress the "Dutchess Lady Rysel" who is being accompioned by the "High Priest of Pelor, Regan Novar".
  • Dutchess Rysel rewards the group and then invites them to her estate later that evening for a dinner party to raise awareness of the gnoll threat.
  • Camden, Kovakuu, and Jaqa'ar immediately head off to shop for new dresses, while Rock and Asmund check on the "SkySpear" and get a two day extension on their stay (8-17), they then stop at the mages guild about the energy under Evenhold.
  • On the SkySpear, Asmund asks the crystal to scan for other Skypilar Crystal shards to try and locate them.
  • Everyone gets back to the inn, rests up and then heads out to the party that night. When asked how to formally address them, they decide to go with "The Gnoll's Bane" to send a message to any allies of the gnolls at the party.
  • We then mix, mingle, Camden gets into a brawl, Kovakuu eats a priestess, and then gnoll's attack the group.
  • After fighting them off and rescuing people, the group talks to the Head Town's Guard Aaron Knightly, who encourages them to face off with Reknah.
  • We then go to inform the Dutchess and High Priest that all is clear and we are heading to fight Reknah. He is not pleased with us, and after talking to Aaron before leaving are alerted that Novar may attempt to stop our departure.
  • The group decides to take the fight to Reknah and departs that night on the SkySpear.

Night of Eleasis (8th Month) – 15th Day

  • We see a dying part of the forest and go to investigate, Asmund stays behind.
  • After clearing the problem, head back to check on its source and find a gnoll "hideout / sacrificial ground"
  • Asmund is mysteriously teleported to the group and then back and forth between two locations.
  • Rescue some capture gnoll's who are against Reknah. Take them to the SkySpear and to their hideout.
  • Meet their leader, and offer to help defeat Reknah.
  • Negawey and his new druid friend come to join this gnoll group in the fight.
  • Go to take out the only "Male Druid"
  • Dispatch of him only to find out that Reknah has already found the tree.
  • Made haste back to the SkySpear to find and stop Reknah
  • Made Negaway a crew member
  • Dropped in on main gnoll encampment.
  • The battle has begun…..
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